About odogy.com

In 7th grade, our band teacher introduced weekly practice sheets. He explained to us that to get an "A," we had to practice at least 120 minutes a week. Most of my classmates hated this new system, because they hated practicing. But my mom had given me a secret weapon that made it easy. It was a book of really fun music - way cooler than our band method book. I always felt a little guilty turning in signed sheets claiming hundreds of extra minutes of "practice" when I knew the truth was that I had actually just played fun stuff all that time. But today, I credit this experience (and my mom) with teaching me to love making music.

My greatest goal as a music teacher was to help students learn to love making music, too. I wanted to make the learning experience fun, and I wanted to create goals for each student to keep them motivated. I realized that technology could help in this, so I decided to learn software development. My hope is that odogy.com and its applications will help musicians both young and old have more fun as they play. Thanks for checking out odogy!

-Tyler Turner


Please contact me with feedback or suggestions! You can reach me at info@odogy.com.