Music practice, but better - and more fun. is dedicated to providing some of the most creative music practice and performance applications around. From games to learning tools, the goal of these applications is to motivate musicians, young and old.

Apps and games


The internet is full of great music to play, but most of it isn't written for our instrument. That's where the MusicShare app can help. The application automatically transposes and arranges the music to fit the instrument and difficulty level you select. The practice tools let you set the tempo and create practice loops. The app supports brass, woodwind and string instruments.

Learn to Play Recorder Songs

These free apps make it easy to learn to play fun songs on recorder. RecorderAce turns your Recorder Karate songs into a video game. Community members can upload songs for educational use, and the app will display note names, fingerings and music notation with the ability to slow down the tempo. Visit


DuetMaker provides hundreds of duets and trios to let musicians record their own mixes. The software takes care of syncing each track, making it the perfect duet partner when practicing alone. Songs can be transposed into any key as well as printed out.


CommunityBand is an all-in-one free web application for beginning band students and teachers. It combines gameplay similar to Guitar Hero with collaboration tools for sharing performances and building virtual bands with classmates. Teachers can set up private classes for their students to issue assignments or set up team contests. Special focus is given to rhythm development with the unique Rhythm Fish All-Stars game. Visit